As Trentside Fixings, our dedication to providing a wide array of fixings is unwavering, ensuring we meet the needs of builders, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts alike. From essential wood screws to specialized tek screws, drywall fixings, anchor bolts, and nails, we offer a comprehensive selection to support diverse construction projects.

Wood screws are indispensable for woodworking tasks, providing robust connections in various timber applications. Drywall fixings, including screws and anchors, are crucial for securely fastening drywall panels to walls and ceilings, ensuring stability and durability in construction endeavors.

Tek screws are specifically engineered for metal-to-metal applications, offering exceptional resistance to corrosion and vibration. Anchor bolts provide steadfast anchorage in concrete and masonry, ideal for structural support and heavy-duty installations.

While nails remain a staple in construction, offering quick and efficient fastening solutions, we also supply ETA anchors from reputable brands such as Fischer, Walraven, and JCP. These anchors are vital for secure fastening in concrete and other solid materials, meeting rigorous European technical standards for safety and reliability.

At Trentside Fixings, we pride ourselves on providing not only a wide range of fixings but also ensuring that our customers have access to top-quality products from trusted brands. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive inventory and personalised service, helping our customers tackle any project with confidence and ease.

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